Top 7 Most Famous Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is an amazing place to live. It has a booming economy, endless entertainment options, and beautiful weather year round. If you are thinking of living in Dubai for work or for pleasure, it’s important to know the most famous jobs in Dubai. There are many different types of careers that can be found there, but these 7 jobs will give you the best chance at success!

The top jobs in Dubai are:

Salesperson – The most popular job in Dubai is sales. Salespeople can find work at large retail stores, malls, and shopping plazas throughout the city.

Marketing Manager – Marketing Managers are responsible for planning advertising campaigns to promote products or services. Because of this, many marketing managers choose to live near major companies so they have easy access to potential clients.

Mechanical Engineer – Mechanical Engineers study how machines work and use mathematics and science principles to create new parts or develop more efficient ways of manufacturing current parts. They typically live close by major construction sites that need constant maintenance and improvement!

Customer Service Agent – Customer service agents interact with customers on a daily basis while providing support with various issues such as billing questions, order status updates, product issues, and more. They are typically found in call centers or at the customer service desk of a store.

Information Technology Manager – Information technology managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of information technology within an organization. This includes data management, system security, and software development among other things. They often work long hours to ensure that their company’s systems run smoothly!

Financial Analyst – Financial analysts help companies make sound financial decisions by providing insights into market trends, investment opportunities, and risk analysis. They typically have a degree in finance or economics and can be found in banks, accounting firms, or consulting organizations.

Doctor – Dubai is home to some of the best hospitals in the world. Doctors who want to live and work here must pass rigorous tests given by the Dubai Health Authority. Doctors in Dubai earn a great salary and have an array of employment opportunities to choose from.