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Facilities That the Dubai Government Provides For Business Set Up

The Dubai government offers a wide range of facilities to foreign investors to help them business setup in Dubai. These include free zones and incentives, easy business regulations and a highly skilled workforce. In addition, the government also organizes many international events and tries to foster entrepreneurship by coming up with new ideas and initiatives. In addition to providing top-notch infrastructure, the government also offers a fixed set of rules for businesses. Entrepreneurs can quickly start their businesses and expand them throughout the UAE by following these rules.

They introduced a Targeted Economic Support Scheme that aims to encourage private companies:

The Dubai government is committed to encouraging the growth of small and medium businesses through its various support measures. The city has introduced a Targeted Economic Support Scheme that aims to encourage private companies by relaxing employment regulations and reducing fees. These measures are designed to boost the economy and provide a safe environment for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, they offer numerous other benefits to entrepreneurs who want to set up a business in the Emirate.

Allocated considerable funds for infrastructure development:

The government of the UAE has allocated considerable funds for infrastructure development. These funds will be dedicated to the construction, real estate, hospitality, and tourism industries. In addition, the government has announced that it will invest in various projects that benefit these sectors. Additionally, the upcoming Expo 2020 will boost the construction sector. The UAE is committed to staying competitive in the world market. These are the goals of the Dubai government.

Provides support and facilities to entrepreneurs:

As a business owner, the Dubai government provides support and facilities to entrepreneurs. In particular, the UAE 2020 amendment of the Commercial Companies Law enables foreign owners to own 100% of the company. However, this change applies only to free zones, and mainland companies must have a local sponsor who holds a minimum of 50% of the shares. Ultimately, the UAE is committed to promoting and enabling the growth of local companies in the Emirate.

Free zone is the best option:

The Dubai government offers various facilities for setting up a business. Some free zones are available to start your business. There is also no requirement to pay a local company tax, making the Dubai government’s business setup process more advantageous for foreigners. There are many other benefits to doing business in the UAE. For instance, the UAE 2020 amendment will allow 100% foreign ownership of free zones. But, this only applies to free zones.

The government has a wide range of free zones to promote new businesses. For example, mainland companies offer 100% ownership to foreign nationals for selected activities. In addition to this, they can trade freely with other mainland companies and governments. The UAE government supports private business through various initiatives, including tax breaks and free zones for companies with foreign owners. In addition to these, the UAE offers a friendly environment for investors.