5 Factors That Will Affect Your Business In Dubai

When deciding whether or not to consider a business setup company in Dubai, you’ll want to consider four key factors: Location, People management, Pricing, and Customer service. These four factors are important in every business, but they’re particularly important in Dubai, where the average age is 40. Here are some tips for building strong business relationships in the UAE. Also, remember that business relationships will be more personal and require trust and understanding than in many other parts of the world.

Customer service

When expanding your business to the UAE, one of the biggest considerations should be the local customer base. The UAE is relatively small in size. However, it is densely populated, and the number of expatriates is nine times greater than that of the local population. This cultural mix requires businesses to adjust their customer service strategies. Some thrive here, while others fail miserably. Adaptation is the key to success.

People management

Managing people in a business isn’t unique to Dubai, but it is particularly important for companies new to the region. The diverse workforce in Dubai requires cultural sensitivity and understanding. Here’s how to get the best from your staff.


While there are many reasons to raise your prices in Dubai, here are some of the most significant. A higher price may attract more people, but you should also remember that it can damage your sales. In other parts of the world, businesses pay a high tax rate on their earnings, making cash flow extremely tight. In the UAE, however, there is no corporate or personal tax. This means more cash for growth and better cash flow for your business.


When deciding where to start your business in Dubai, consider the benefits and challenges that location can bring to a business. There are several advantages to establishing a business in the UAE. These benefits include tax-free and easy setup, which is crucial if you plan to expand your business into other markets. The UAE is a great place to establish a business, and there are many ways to streamline existing operations.

Government regulations

As a foreign investor, you may be wondering if UAE laws will affect your business. This is not surprising, as the UAE has a patchwork system of laws and regulations. Nevertheless, the UAE has enacted a dual-licensing system that allows foreign companies to do business in the emirate while operating ‘onshore’ in another country. To help you navigate this tangle of rules, we’ve gathered some information to help you get started.